• Robert Talley, Manager and Managing Partner

    Robert and his wife are avid dancers. Ask him to bust a move for you sometime!

  • "Lo" Davis

    Lo is one of the most sought-after servers at El Primo's. Maybe it's his cologne?

  • Prince Jackson

    Prince knows what he's doing; he's been a bartender for more than 17 years!
    Prince's hobbies are coaching and watching football.
    Prince is originally from California, but we don't hold that against him!

  • Elissa Dingus

    Elissa is one of the most tenured servers of our service staff.
    Elissa is a lead server, and helped us develop our training program.
    Elissa studied vocal performance at Stephen F. Austin College. Ask her to serenade you at your table!

  • Abigale Hinojosa

    Abigale likes to read books and socialize with her friends.
    Abigale is studying nursing.